Program (2021)

Hosted by AIS SIGSEC, Bright Internet Global Summit (BIGS), and IFIP TC 11.1


WELCOME, SIGSEC President Michael Curry
9:00am—9:15am (Room 208)

KEYNOTE ADDRESSCybersecurity Research: Be Part of the Policy Conversation“, Tawei (David) Wang, Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Operational Effectiveness and a Driehaus Fellow at the Driehaus College of Business, DePaul University
9:15am—10:00am (Room 208)

10:00am—10:15am, Break

SESSION 1 (In Person) Track Chair: Matthew Jensen, University of Oklahoma
10:15am—10:455am (Room 208)

  • User engagement and uncertainty from COVID-19 misinformation on social media: an examination of emotions and harms (complete) Thi Tran, Pranali Mandaoka, Naga Vemprala, Rohit Valecha, Govind Hariharan and H.R. Rao
  • Understanding the impact of group characteristics on individual’s privacy behavior–a systematic literature review (complete) Adeline Frenzel-Piasentin and Daniel Veit
  • Rational ignorance: A privacy pre-calculus (complete) Craig Van Slyke, Mihir Parikh, Damien Joseph and W. Grant Clary

SESSION 1 (Virtual) Track Chair: Gregory J. Bott, The University of Alabama
10:15am—10:455am (Room 205)

  • Bait the hook to suit the phish, not the phisherman: A field experiment on security networks of teams to withstand spear phishing attacks on online social networks (WIP)
    Robert Lamprecht, Andreas Eckhardt and Ryan Wright
  • The role of organizational competence on information security job performance (WIP)
    Joti Kaur, Gurpreet Dhillon and Winnie Picoto
  • Use of protection motivation theory in non-compliance research (complete)
    Marcus Gerdin, Ella Kolkowska and Åke Grönlund


AWARD CEREMONY, Co-Chairs Shuyuan Mary Ho and Obi Ogbanufe

SESSION 2 (In Person) Track Chair: Alexandra Durcikova, University of Oklahoma
1:00pm—2:00pm (Room 208)

  • Users’ privacy perceptions in interorganizational information sharing (complete) Christina Wagner, Manuel Trenz, Daniel Veit and Chee-Wee Tan
  • Privacy policy violations: A corporate nexus of healthcare providers and social media platforms (WIP) John Drake, Christopher Furner and Nikhil Mehta

SESSION 2 (Virtual) Track Chair: Jacob A. Young, Bradley University
1:00pm—2:00pm (Room 205)

  • Analytical study of the COVID apps users’ perception about data security and privacy (complete) Yazan Alnsour and Ahmad Juma’h
  • Self-sovereign identity: a primer and call for research in information systems (WIP) Jacob Young and Sahar Farshadkhah

2:00pm—2:15pm, Break

SESSION 3 (Virtual) Track Chair: Y. Ken Wang, University of Pittsburgh
2:15pm—3:15pm (Room 208)

  • Detection of fraudulent campaigns on donation-based crowdfunding platforms using a combination of machine (WIP) Pranay Prateek, Dan Kim and Ling Ge
  • Process business modelling of emerging security threats with BPMN extension (complete) Tomasz Krym, Łukasz Chomątek and Aneta Poniszewska-Maranda

SESSION 3 (Virtual) Track Chair: Christie Fuller, Boise State University
2:15pm—3:15pm (Room 205)

  • Expressing uncertainty in security analytics research: a demonstration of Bayesian analysis applied to binary classification problems (complete)
    Douglas Twitchell and Christie Fuller
  • Developing a measure of adversarial thinking in social engineering scenarios (complete) Justin Giboney, Ryan Schuetzler and Mark Grimes

3:15pm—4:15pm (Room 205)

  • Suitable targets of phishing victimization, Miloslava Plachkinova
  • Uncovering Dimensions and cyber attacks using content analysis on fraudulent emails, Debalina Bera and Dan Kim
  • The youth cybersecurity concepts instrument (YCCI): Developing a scale for the GenCyber cybersecurity concepts Justin Giboney, Geoffrey Wright, Ersin Dincelli, Quincy Taylor and Dallin Christensen
  • An empirical study on acceptance drivers of IT security investment evaluation methods (IT-SIEM)- a multi-theoretical perspective, Tizian Matschak, Florian Rampold, Till Diesterhöft, Ilja Nastjuk and Simon Trang

Shuyuan Mary Ho (WORKSHOP CO-CHAIR), Florida State University
Obi Ogbanufe (WORKSHOP CO-CHAIR), University of North Texas
Gregg Bott (SIGSEC Secretary) University of Alabama
Michael Curry (SIGSEC President), Oregon State University
Matthew Jensen, University of Oklahoma
Hwee-Joo Kam, University of Tampa

Primary Zoom link (Room 208):
Meeting ID: 891 3231 1385
Passcode: 585480

Track 2 Zoom link (Room 205):
Meeting ID: 859 0105 2302
Passcode: 329036