Program (2020)

Hosted by AIS SIGSEC, Bright Internet Global Summit (BIGS), and IFIP TC 11.1

9:30am—10:45am EST (New York), December 12, 2020
3:30pm—4:45pm CET (Berlin)
8:00pm—9:15pm IST (Hyderabad)
1:30am—2:45am AEDT (Melbourne), December 13, 2020

Keynote speaker: Dr. Gurpreet Dhillon— “Grand Challenges in Information Systems Security Research

11:00am—12:00pm EST, Virtual Session 1, Chair Dr. Obi Ogbanufe

Factors Affecting the Performance of Web Application Firewall
Dainya Thomas-Reynolds and Sergey Butakov

Unlocking Risk Perception of Japanese Mobile Payment Users
Wei-Lun Chang

The Bright and Dark Side of Financial Services Ecosystem
Andrea Salvi, Paolo Spagnoletti, and Federica Ceci

The (Lacking) User Adoption of COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps—Insights from Switzerland and Germany
Manus Bonner, Dana Naous, Christine Legner and Joël Wagner

12:15pm—1:10pm EST, Virtual Session 2, Chair Dr. Shuyuan Mary Ho

Deception against Deception: Toward a Deception Framework for Deception and Characterization of Covert Micro-targeting Campaigns on Online Social Networks
J. Haadi Jafarian, Ersin Dincelli, Keith Guzik, Matthew Michaelis, Farnoush Banaei-Kashani, and Ashis Biswas

Toward Conceptualizing Perplexity in Cybersecurity: An Exploratory Study
Malte Greulich, Sebastian Lins, Daniel Pienta, Jason Bennett Thatcher and Ali Sunyaev

Really, What Are They Offering? A Taxonomy of Companies’ Actual Response Strategies after a Data Breach
Till Diesterhöft, Kristin Masuch, Maike Greve and Simon Trang

1:10pm—1:45pm EST (New York), December 12, 2020
7:10pm—7:45pm CET (Berlin), December 12, 2020
11:40pm—12:15am IST (Hyderabad), December 13, 2020
5:10am—5:45am AEDT (Melbourne), December 13, 2020

1:45pm—2:40pm EST, Virtual Session 3, Chair Dr. Mathew Jensen

Improving Cybersecurity Behaviors: A Proposal for Analyzing Four Types of Phishing Training
Alanah Mitchell

When Organizational Pressures Collide – Balancing Information Security Risk Management and Compliance
Darwin M. Rivera and Alvaro Arenas

Information Security Compliance Regarding Security Culture, Job Satisfaction, and Perceived Organizational Support
Zhen Sui McKnight, and Merrill Warkentin

3:00pm—3:45pm EST, Virtual Session 4, Chair Dr. Sean Maynard

Towards Governance of Information Security Incident Response
Craig A Horne, Sean B Maynard and Atif Ahmad

Key Security and Privacy Related Factors Influencing the Use of Cloud Computing in SMEs
Ruwan Nagahawatta and Matthew Warren

A Zero-Trust Federated Identity and Access Management Framework for Cloud and Cloud-based Computing Environments
Monjur Ahmed and Krassie Petrova

3:45pm—4:15pm EST (New York), December 12, 2020
9:45pm—10:15pm CET (Berlin), December 12, 2020
2:15am—2:45am IST (Hyderabad), December 13, 2020
7:45am—8:15am AEDT (Melbourne), December 13, 2020

Sean Maynard, University of Melboure <>
Shuyuan Mary Ho, Florida State University <>
Hwee-Joo Kam, University of Tampa <>
Michael Curry, Oregon State University <>

AIS SIG SEC Pre-ICIS 2020 Workshop of Information Security and Privacy (WISP 2020) was held as a virtual session (Zoom link: