CSAW 2016: Warmup

CSAW – “Warmup” (50 points) This is a comprehensive post on how to do the first exploitable challenge provided by CSAW 2016. Here is the challenge: I used r2 for this challenge. Analyzing binary What happens when we run it? When we run the request using netcat, we receive an address that doesn’t seem to […]

CSAW CTF 2016: wtf.sh Writeup

This challenge featured a webserver written in bash (created by Josh Hofing of the CSAW development team). There are two parts included in the challenge, one for 150 points and another for 400 points. To begin, we’ll first look at part one. You can get the flag to this first part of the problem by […]

CTF/CSAW Preparation Slideshow

Hey everyone, Nathan gave a presentation for today’s Cybersecurity Club meeting on what to expect at CSAW and for CTFs. Check out his presentation if you are interested in doing CTFs with us. CSAW is this Friday, starting at 6:00 p.m. and the Club will be meeting in WJB room 2010 to participate together. We hope […]

CSX Cybersecurity 2-Day Training

ISACA Tallahassee Chapter will host CSX Cybersecurity two-day training event on September 22-23, 8 AM to 5 PM. The event is open to ISACA members and non-members. Topic Description: This practical 2-day training workshop is a top-notch introduction to the CSX Cybersecurity program. The objectives of the event are to discuss the fundamental knowledge and […]

ACM Distinguished Lecture – Inside the Googleplex

Dan Russell from Google will present on “Google Innovation, Culture & Practice: A view from inside the Googleplex” at FSU Student Services Building 203/201, at 10:30am-11:30am on February 19, 2016. Google is known for their innovations. From search, to gmail, to server farm design, to cloud services, Google has continually innovated in remarkable ways. How […]

New Career Opportunity: Certified Ethical Hacking

In recognition of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (October), ISACA Tallahassee Chapter President Ed Wilson will talk about the trends, roles and responsibilities of certified ethical hackers at Goldstein Library iMakerSpace at 5:30pm on October 27, 2015. Regulatory bodies, legislators, and courts are recognizing the need for Higher Education, Public, and Private Enterprises to provide effective governance […]

Chief Scientist from Leidos talks about Cyberspace; Past, Present and Future

James Donald “Don” Bowers is a chief scientist designing solutions for a “threat operations” model of cyber security architecture, design and engineering within the Leidos National Security Sector. For the past 18 years, Bowers has contributed to cyber security projects at Leidos (formerly SAIC) working primarily on secure cyber, telecommunications, RF, and SCADA networking projects. […]

All About CTF

We talk about what capture the flag competitions are, and how you can participate and learn.

CTF Flag

Olympic CTF 2014 Writeup

Nick Clark competed in the OlympicCTF 2014 CTF Competition. He place in the top 40% of the competition. (159 out of 404 teams). He beat out teams including KnightSec. Check out his write-up for the competition!