All About CTFs

This presentation is given to new members of the club every semester to introduce them as to what a CTF, or Capture the Flag, event is.  This is a great start to learn what exactly a CTF is and what categories they include.

All About CTFs 2017

Top Vulnerabilities & Where To Start

This presentation was given in September 2018 by our System Administrator, Nathan Nye, and Vice President, Jacob Mills.  The slide deck in the zip file below gives a great introduction to beginners who are trying to get started with cyber security in general.  The vulnerabilities described in this presentation appear in many current exploits.

Top Vulns & Where To Start

Club Overview Video

In an effort to increase involvement in CCI clubs on Florida State’s campus, our club was featured in a YouTube video created by some FSU students.  This video provides a great look at what we are trying to accomplish as a club and what our meetings are like!