Hall of Fame


This Cybersecurity Hall of Fame has been established to honor FSU students who exceed academic expectations in a significant way. It serves as the highest benchmark, and an inspiration for future students. The students nominated here have made distinguished contributions to their own education, by going above and beyond academic requirements profoundly and repeatedly – demonstrating an extreme commitment to learning and expanding their own potential. Each has made their faculty proud. Each can be expected to make a similarly significant contribution to society, while leaving lasting impressions on the people, institutions, and organizations they go on to serve.

Past Presidents:

Grant Arnold has helped this club in a multitude of ways, sparking a new life for the club post pandemic. I knew that Grant was going to be amazing ever since I first met him (Lebron meme). He handles the Linkedin and Discord for the Cyber Security club. His presence shines past fears and doubts in the wake of broken VM’s and glitchy firewall.

Pictured: Grant Arnold and Dr. Shuyuan Metcalfe.